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Fiberglass ladders for performing EL work.
Electrical insulation: 20,000 Volt per. cm2

Who should use ladders in fiberglass.

Fiberglass ladders are relatively heavy and slightly fragile for kind and hard use. The only ones to choose fiberglass ladders are electricians as this ladder does not conduct electric current. Alulock fiber ladders are with aluminum steps to ensure tension while at the same time limiting the weights through the use of the easier aluminum steps. Our glass fiber ladders are available in a wide range of work shovels or platforms for 2 and 3 shared sliding rails. Our fiberglass combi with ladder foot in fiberglass are all 3 shared. Note this is an expensive rise because it is a niche ladder to the electricians group - Are you a private or a smaller company, we'd rather recommend a multi-comb ladder. If you have any doubts please call.

Approvals and Quality.

This type of glass fiber glass is approved EN131, which means that they can be loaded with one user at a time max. 150 Kg. Load - Pay attention to cheap fiberglass ladders as these are most often not tested at larger volts than 4-6000 per. cm2