Aluminium ladders

- Large stocked range of approved (EN131) ladders in aluminum

- Many models and different lengths

- Fast delivery - Direct to the workplace

Rising from Alulock means safety quality from the first step. All our ladders are manufactured according to EN131 or higher requirements. We all have in stock for immediate delivery.


All our Stiger category products are with either 5 or 10 year warranty, our work platforms Super Proff comes with lifelong warranty on step / capture collection performed in the same way as the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Strength and quality

Alulock ladders are delivered wrapped in high-resilience PE, which is organically degradable. All our aluminum ladders are made in quality 6061 profiles that are cured slowly after machining. We use exclusively estruded profiles for our quality aluminum ladders, thereby ensuring you as a consumer high strength with low weight.

Economic safe stairs

Our staircases are available in different grades, our FAM series which is the most economical is manufactured in Italy. This staircase is characterized by a good quality in relation to the price. Beware all very cheap staircases that are marketed in supermarket chains are always from China in a quality that does not meet the requirements of STIGER EN131. Many construction markets are marketing and selling cheap stairs, these are also MADE IN CHINA in such poor quality that most often they will collapse during use.

Why choose a quality stairway ladder

Step-by-step Super Proff is our own product as we provide lifetime warranty on the TRIN / VANGE collection that is nineteen following the same principle as the Eiffel used and patented when he entered the Eiffel Tower for the World Exhibition in Paris in 1888 - the method is still not surpassed by a newer better quality. The steps are all very slip-resistant and 80 mm. deep. The top platform is made in a hollow plate that ensures users an ultra stable platform. There is a very strong hanger that forms a handrail at the top of aluminum tube Ø35 mm. The back of this powerful staircase is with a cross that ensures stability laterally. The ladder shoes are very powerful and made of real rubber, ensuring you as user that it is safe and stable even on slippery tiles or underlays. The series is entirely up to a step ladder with 12 steps.

Combo rise what does it mean.

Alulock combi are all equipped with a powerful ladder foot or stabilizer that comes with each combi ladder. The ladders are also wrapped in heavy shrink plastics, PE organic biodegradable. Between the platforms there is a fixed connection as the safe ladder against depression. All steps are non-slip and rifled, the step distance is comfortable 280 mm. The combi trays are all EN131 approved and can be found in many sizes up to 10 meters. If you choose a 2-piece combi ladder, you have a cavity and versatile ladder up to height 7.0 meters. 3 shared combi can be reached up to 10 meters in height - a big advantage of the 3 shared ladders is that they have short transport length, for example, a 10 meter long ladder is only 3.9 meters long collapsed this means it is to handle and get around with. This ladder type we have all spare parts in stock such as shoes, braces and you can also buy a part if you get broken a ladder.

Multi ladder.

Multi-combo rises as the word says usable for many purposes and has very small goals when they are shot together. We recommend that you choose this ladder if you may be a villa owner or have a smaller farm or industry. This ladder type gives you a lot of flexibility, which means that a ladder can be used for many different tasks. Our multi-combi is equipped with its own Pat. intuitive change grip that allows you as a user to quickly change the ladder from a sliding function to a Wienerstige at the same time, you always have the option to adjust the height of the given work by using the 2 large stable grips on both sides of the ladder

Hoisting Ladders.

Lifting ladders are usually very long and relatively heavy even though they are made of aluminum, therefore our lifting ladders are done as 3 parts. This gives you an easily manageable ladder that has extremely high strength and is therefore very stable for you as a user to stand on. The hoisting ladders from Alulock are equipped with string melle the first and middle part, the outermost part is operated by hand before pulling the string to raise the ladder to the correct height. Lifting ladders can be reached up to 15 meters. However, we have in store up to 10 meters. Are you unsure if this is the right ladder for you, call Customer Service so you get the correct ladder to stand on.

Rules for ladders.

In general, we recommend that you download our manual to check the ladder or participate in one of our courses regarding ladders, usage and control. Remember that when working at a footstep of more than 5 meters, a footman is always required - we also like the Labor Inspectorate (AT) recommend that you try to find more safe and ergonomic ways to work safely in hay