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Fiberglass ladder from Alulock

Our selection of fiberglass ladders is primarily suited for the professional user. Our selection of fiberglass ladders is wide as we have small working platforms, trestle ladders, extension ladders, and combination ladders. If you need any help, then we are ready to talk to you in the chat. Otherwise, you are welcome to send us an email at or call us at 70 22 16 00.

At Alulock we both develop and manufacture a large part of our products. It is either done in our own production or in close cooperation with our suppliers. We only sell our own fiberglass ladders. We have sold solutions for working at heights for more than 25 years which gives us a thorough knowledge of the product. Therefore, our customer service will be able to help you to find the right solution for your needs.

Who should use ladders in fiberglass?

Fiberglass ladders are relatively heavy and a little fragile when it comes to hard knocks. The only ones who should choose fiberglass ladders are electricians as this ladder does not conduct electricity. Alulock’s fiberglass ladders come with aluminum steps to protect against voltage and simultaneously we limit its own weight through the use of the lighter steps in aluminum. Our fiberglass ladders come in a wide variety from small working platforms or platforms for extension ladders. Our fiberglass combination ladders with ladder foot in fiberglass are all in three parts. Note that this is an expensive ladder as it is made to cover the need of electricians.

Approvals and quality

This type of ladder in fiberglass is approved EN131 which means that they can be used by one person at a time with a maximum load of 150 kg. Be aware of cheap fiberglass ladders as these are most often not tested to greater volts than 4-6000 per cm2