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Here you will find scaffolding for the professional craftsman.

Folding scaffolding: For indoor work. 3 different platform sizes.
Mobile scaffolding: For outdoor work. 4 different platform sizes.

Approved EN1004. Scaffolding class 3. Load: 200 kg. per. m2


Alulock Scaffolding

All our scaffolds are tested by SP in Borås Sweden, the norm is valid throughout Europe, SS-EN1004 / UNI1004 approvals

We provide 5 years of product warranty and 20 years of delivery guarantee on all of our products, ensuring a functional scaffold for years to come.

All our scaffolding from the small folding seats to the largest roller scaffolding are all approved in Class 3 and have a max. Load 200 kg per square meter of platform size.

An approval in Class 3 with a load of 200 kg per square meter is the maximum quality and safety approval that can be given to a lightweight scaffolding.

On all our wheels there is a manufacturer's name, as well as a maximum load. For example, folding platforms with a platform size of 75 x 180 cm have a maximum load of 200 kg per wheel, which is more than ample for most tasks in the platform size.

We have two different sizes of wheels, Ø 125mm for our folding seats and Ø 200mm height adjustable (200mm.), For our mobile scaffoldings. However, you can also change, so you, for example. has a folding seat with Ø 200mm wheels. We have produced all our wheels to take care of all our scaffolding. Our wheels are manufactured in Italy by Tellure Route, which ensure you a quality wheel tested for daily hard work. All the wheels are specially developed in nylon with a PU coating, which is a non-worn rubber coating, ensuring both stability and non-slip contact with the substrate. This PU coating also makes our wheels run very quietly, which is a great advantage if the scaffold is to be moved a lot.

The "Alulock System" ensures quick and easy assembly of all diagonal and horizontal pipes. This makes it much safer to assemble and separate than other scaffolds, saving you time and money.

All our aluminum scaffolding, both our full-size rolling scaffolding for heavy duty and stationary work and our small folding scaffolding for indoor mobile tasks, is integrated with "Alulock System" patent pending

It is a system where all diagonal and horizontal rods (also called rods) open in both sides at the same time. This allows you to save a lot of time both when setting up and removing the scaffolding. At the same time, the system also makes it more safe to work with scaffolding, as you do not have to open or lock the bars at both ends. With our system, the opposite end automatically opens which means that the scaffolding installer always has a hand to hold or respond to a situation.

This system is unique because we have developed it and therefore also have a patent on this system. Therefore, you will not find anything similar to our "Alulock System" from another supplier or manufacturer.



Scaffolding Types

Scaffolding Scaffolding (Facade Scaffolding)

Our mobile scaffolding should be used for external tasks. All our roller scaffolds, as well as all single parts are manufactured in the EU in high aluminum 6061, so our roller scaffold is resistant to wind and weather for more stationary tasks. The scaffold can be obtained at a working height of up to 12 meters and therefore built for major tasks for the renovation of both the facade and roof.

When a scaffold is up in that height, it also requires several platforms to ensure a strong construction. With multiple platforms, the scaffold can be loaded with 660 kg. on top tires and 50% load on a full-size tire (330 kg), giving a total load of 990 kg evenly distributed. Point load max. 150 kg on 500x500 mm. Scaffolding can be supplied with Ø 200mm wheels if there is a need to move the scaffolding a bit at a time, but it can also be delivered with fixed feet for the completely stationary tasks.

Folding Scaffold

All our folding scaffolds are made in tubes Ø 50 mm. quality 6061. This ensures great strength and quality as well as longevity. For every 28 cm there are welded steps where the platform can be optionally attached. This gives you a lot of freedom to adjust the platform height, depending on the working height your task requires, fine tuning (200 mm.) Can be done with the height adjustable wheels Ø 200 mm.


As the name suggests, a folding scaffold can be folded together. It's therefore perfect for small indoor tasks where it's easy to get around, the height is not over 8 meters and maybe there is not much space.
The small sizes also mean that you can often have it all in a van or even in a smaller station car. We can supply our folding scaffolding with both wheels ø125 mm. or with fixed feet, the large wheels Ø200 mm. Can also be fitted after installation.



The platforms themselves are made of waterproof plywood, which is non-slip on one side as you walk and stand on the other side, facing downwards. You can easily recognize the page that is non-slip on the rough surface. In the platform of our folding scaffolding there is a door lock with lock. In the hatch there is a strap to ensure that the hatch can not open too much, as well as ensure that the hatch is always automatically flap and closed when you have crawled. On the lid is a lock that holds the lid closed while standing on it and working, as well as during transport.


Platform sizes:

Platform sizes for folding scaffolding:

Here you can see an overview of all our platform sizes of folding scaffolding. Under each size of the scaffold you can see which platform height we offer, with just your desired platform size. All our folding scaffolds have platform heights from 0.28 meters to 5.6 meters, giving a working height from 2.0 meters to 7.6 meters

Click for the size you are looking for and see our range of platforms and platform heights

75 x 180 cm

135 x 180 cm

75 x 245 cm

Platform sizes for mobile scaffolding:

Here you can see an overview of all our platform sizes of roller scaffolding. Under our platform sizes, you can see our range of platform heights, in the size of your desired platform. All our mobile scaffolding has platform heights from 2 to 10 meters, which gives a working height from 4 to 12 meters.

Click for the size you are looking for and see our range of platforms and platform heights

135 x 245 cm (With Stairs)

135 x 245 cm (Without Stairs)

75 x 180 cm

75 x 245 cm

135 x 180 cm

What is important when I choose Aluminum Scaffolding?

When choosing your aluminum scaffold, it depends on the work you need to perform, the base and the work length.

For indoor work tasks, use one:

Fold scaffolding - where we offer 3 different platform sizes

For outdoor work, you must use one:

Rolling Scaffolding - where we offer 4 different platform sizes

In addition, it is important that your folding scaffold or roller scaffolding has the correct height on the platform you have to work from. Therefore, it is important to know in advance what height to work from. If you are unsure of what a good working height is, then a good advice is about chest height. When working from the breast, you stand more stable and safely on the platform of the scaffold, rather than having your arms over your head and working.

If you have the slightest doubt or have questions, feel free to call us at 70221600 or send us an email at

We can advise and guide you in choosing your new aluminum scaffolding that fits your work best. It does not cost extra to contact us to receive advice and guidance. We may also provide you with some additional tips that you can use in your future work on aluminum scaffolding and platforms in general.


What can I do on a scaffolding?

Alulock Scaffolding is provided all with the correct instruction and instruction manual. This applies to all Alulock folding, roller and facade scaffolding. If you have a special assignment where you may use Your Scaffolding, please always contact Alulock so that we can perform a correct setup guide for your task or an addendum to our standard user manual, so you can safely use Your Alulock Scaffolding for that special assignment.

If you are in doubt that the scaffolding you own is built and suitable to handle the task, you can always contact Alulock. We'll help you, surely on your task.

At Alulock we are ready to assist you with the necessary user descriptions, manuals and manuals for all our scaffolds, platforms and products.

All our roller scaffolding and facade scaffolding require that they are set up according to an instruction manual, but they also require either a scaffolding installer for one or more days. Scaffolding courses are held throughout the country through the VUC. This is a requirement to ensure quality and safety during the construction and removal of scaffolding as well as the safety of the people who will work on the scaffolding when it is installed.

At Alulock we offer courses in all our scaffolds, both in setup, work and various safety situations.

Read more about our course - we can also come to you at the construction site

However, no training is required to work on scaffolding when properly set up by a trained professional. That is, a mason or carpenter must use the scaffold when it is set up without the craftsman needing education.

You can read more about scaffolding training here

But even though there is no training required for work from scaffolding, there is still a risk of accidents. Typical accidents usually occur when falling or falling from falling material. To prevent accidents, you can follow a few precautions like:

  • Closure around the scaffold so that the closed area is clear for both pedestrian and driving traffic.
  • Keep the order and overview. Clean up and ensure good light.
  • The electric hoist automatically stops overloading.

You can find more precautions to prevent accidents here


You can contact us by e-mail or call us at +45 70 22 16 00 with questions about your scaffolding and your setup. Subsequently, we can come out and give a prize for the correct setup of your scaffold and your special task.

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