Alulock is your professional partner in ladders, scaffolds, workingplatforms and aluminumboxes.

Our team has over 25 years of experience in product development of products for safe work at heights. We are always ready to assist with advice and guidance in relation to a specific task. Our phones are open on weekdays between the 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

All our products are tested and approved for professional use in accordance with applicable standards:

Ladders: European standard: EN131. Max. load: 150 kg.
All ladders from Alulock have been tested by a acknowledged Technical Institute: Sweden Provningsinstitut SP / Politecnico Milano / Univesita'di Perugia.

Working platforms: European standard: EN14183. Max. load: 150 kg.
All workingplatforms from Alulock has been tested by a acknowledge Technical institute: Sweden Provningsinstitut SP / Politecnico Milano / Univesita'di Perugia.

Scaffolding: European standard: UNI1004 - including: EN1004 / SS- EN1004 / 16/12.
Scaffolding Class 3: Max. load: 200 kg. pr. m2. Tested by Sweden Provningsinstitut SP.

Our products have over the years received high acknowledgment from a wide range of national and international companies.

Our vision is to continue to develop our current productline and develop new innovative products to continue to increase the security of the professional craftsman, when carrying out work at height.