The terms and conditions below for sales and deliveries apply to all deliveries from Alulock.  The terms and deliveries apply in the event that no other written agreements have been entered into between the customer and Alulock.

Documentation and instructions:
If user instructions exist for an item, these will be included in all deliveries from Alulock. Information or advice from Alulock is of a guideline nature.

All prices are shown in GBP exclusive. VAT. Select price display 'private' at the top of the site lists all prices incl. VAT. Promotional Offers apply only when buying online shop and are valid as long as stocks last. Alelock accept no liability for errors, and reserves the right without notice, to make changes to the described models based on technical or commercial reasons.

Purchasing of goods:
All purchases of goods from Alulock may be performed via our Internet site, as well as by inquiring by telephone or E-mail.

When purchasing items at the Web site, place the desired items in the shopping cart, and then go to the check-out counter. An overview will appear here of your order, where the number of items ordered of each, the product names and prices will be confirmed for each product. Next, you fill in your company name, the invoicing and possible delivery address, plus the telephone numbers.

You then confirm your information concerning the invoicing and delivery addresses. You have the option at this point to write a message to Alulock in a text field before you continue. If you have discovered an error in the information you typed in, then use the Back button to go back, correct the information and then continue with your order. 

You will go to the payment module next, where you will find the following overview of your order:
- Sub-total
- Delivery costs (All deliveries from Alulock are delivered carriage paid)
- Total

Here, you can also choose how you wish to pay for your order. You have the possibility to use VISA and other international payment cards.

When your order has been completed, a confirmation will appear in which you will have your order confirmed with its invoicing address, delivery address, manner of payment and the content of the shopping cart.

It is important that you place a tick in the box for Terms and Conditions.

When the order has been finished, you will receive a confirmation that your order has been received and that an order confirmation will be sent to you via E-mail.  

Customers will always have the possibility to contact Alulock for purposes of having a copy sent to them of the order confirmation.

All prices are shown in Euro and are given excl. and incl. VAT. 

In connection with complaints/claims, the customer should contact Alulock by telephone at (+45) 70 84 81 36

or by E-mail at a maximum of 24 hours after the ordered item(s) were received.

Private customers have a 2-year period in which to make claims concerning deficiencies, beginning on the day on which item was received.

Notifications concerning defects and omissions must be submitted within a reasonable period of time after the deficiency has been ascertained. It is the customer's obligation to specify and upon request, show, how the deficiency manifests itself.

For defective products for which the defect cannot be remedied and hence require a replacement, the item is returned to Alulock and a new item will be sent once the defective item has been received, provided that the defect is of a nature that gives an entitlement to a replacement.

In the event of a complaint where no defects are ascertained in the item(s), then the customer will defray any possible expenses in connection with the complaint.

The right to make a complaint and the warranty only apply if the items have been used for their proper purposes. If the product has not been used for the purpose of the product, then the right to complain and the warranty will be cease to apply.

If damage is discovered in a product that was not visible when it was delivered, the Alulock must be contacted immediately - max. 24 hours after delivery, and the item must in such case not be placed into service. If the item is placed into service, the damage will be deemed to have been accepted by the customer and replacement of the item will then in such case not be possible.

If the item has been taken abroad:

If the customer desires to complain about their item and the customer has taken it abroad, the customer itself bears the responsibility and expenses for transporting it to the nearest Alulock, whereupon the Alulock will handle the complaint. The customer itself bears the responsibility and expenses for the transport for the complaint and the return handling for a complaint that is rejected.

Items are delivered to all of Europe. However, freight costs will be added to your order for deliveries in certain countries. You will be contacted if your order will be subject to freight costs.

Orders received on weekends and holidays will be processed on the first subsequent working day.

Delivery from Alulock will be deemed to have been completed when the carrier has delivered the item at the address on the order and the customer has signed for receiving it.

If the customer chooses to have the item left somewhere, the customer has the responsibility for the item from when the carrier has delivered the item to the specified address on the order. Remember to say where the item is to be left on the order form. 

Shipping of items occurs most often by a carrier or the postal service. Items are delivered on working days from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. If there is a delay on the route, delivery may take place later than 4:00 pm.

It is not possible to specify a specific time for the given delivery date. 

Delivery with a carrier:    
If the customer is not present at the point in time of delivery, and the customer has chosen that the item must not be left somewhere, then an attempt to deliver the items again pursuant to a more detailed agreement with the customer. The customer will defray any possible extra costs connected with the re-driving/delivery of items.

With the postal service:
If the customer is not present at the time of delivery, the item will be shipped to the local post office. Here, the customer can pick up their item(s) within 5-10 working days.

Alulock will, as much as possible, inform the customer of delays in the delivery.

Right to annul / private person:
All private customers have the possibility to annul a purchase within 14 days after the item has been received.  

The customer must at the latest 14 days after receiving the item have returned the item in essentially the same condition and quantities as when such was delivered.

In the event where the original packaging is not sent back, it will mean that the item will not be deemed to have been returned in the same condition and quantities.

Always remember to save the original packaging for up to 14 days after delivery.

The customer will in all cases defray the costs associated with the return shipping of an annulled purchase of an item.

Items that have been placed into service will not be accepted as return goods, cf.  the Consumer Contracts Act, section 20, subsection 3, No. 1, in that the use will involve a diminishing of the item's sales value, and the placement into service will thus involve the right to annul not being able to be invoked.

The right to annul will be lost for items that are not a part of our standard product line and which have been specially produced for a given task and customer. The right to annul will also be lost for standard items that have been modified for a given task.

Right to annul / commercial customer:
All orders for industrial products with a business as the purchaser will be regarded as commercial purchases, cf. the Sale of Goods Act. The right to annul does not apply for commercial purchases, and commercial purchases may only be returned if a deficiency is involved that cannot be remedied.