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Our selection of working platforms is enough to cover all your working tasks in the height. If you need help we are ready in the chat down to your right. You are also always welcome to send us an email on or call us on 70 22 16 00.

What is a working platform?

Working platforms exist in many different types and sizes, so there are not only one type of working platform. Working platforms are used in the industry where there often is a need to work in the height. Here a working platform is good as it can easily be push around on the workplace due to the wheels that is attached. You therefore have a tool that can be used in various ways. 

Which working platform should i choose? 

There are various types of working platforms, which makes it difficult to know which one to choose for your specific work. A good idea is to start with finding out how big the working platform can be and how tall it should be for you to be able to reach for the things needed or work in a comfortable position. This will narrow down types of working platforms that is suited for your work. If you eg. will use it inside for the stockroom where space can be limited you should choose a more narrow and shorter type as this more easily can be turned around. On the other hand if there is plenty of space you can choose a bigger type.

Advantages of a working platform:

  • Transportable solution for the workplace
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Exist in various types and forms

I need a special working platform

If your work requires a special working platform, then do not hesitate to contact us regarding your needs. Together we can go through your needs and wishes and find the optimal solution for you. We have our own production, where we produce many different types of working platforms from parts to oil rigs and repairing of buses. There do not exist the working platform that we have not drawed and produced for a client. Just send us an email with your project and some drawing or specification, then we will together find the best solution.

Which alternatives exist to a working platform?

A working platform is a mix of a traditional ladder and scaffold - that can be transported around. There is therefore various alternatives to a working platform.

If you wish a transportable solution not only for the workplace, but also something that you can easily transport in car. If this is the case we recommend either a scaffold or Uplift5. A scaffold has many of the same qualities as a working platform, but has the advantage that it can be split in many small components and then be put in a car. Uplift5 is the world's lightest personal lift, which gives a working height of up to 5 meters. It has all the qualities from a working platform, but can easily be transported in a car by one person. If you are looking for a more simple alternative a ladder such as a step ladder would fit your needs.