Mobile platform 8 steps
Itemnumber: MPE8
EUR 2,052.50 / STK
EUR 1,642.00 ex. VAT
Height to platform: 1.84 m.

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  • Suitable for

    • You, who need a compact work platform


    Mobile work platform with a large 60 x 80 cm platform. The platform is easily pushed around by the 4 x Ø125 mm wheels that are locked individually. The platform is equipped with handrails and storage space, making it ideal for warehousing, industry, and production environments.

    The platform can be used for larger tasks, as it is possible to take tools and materials with you. The rungs are 200 mm deep with non-slip surface.

    The platform is made of strong aluminium profiles that are welded, bolted, and riveted together. This makes the platform strong and enables it to be used in demanding environments.


    • Large platform
    • Can be pushed around
    • Wheels are locked individually
    • Railing
    • Space for materials and tools
    • Non-slip rungs
    • Made of strong aluminium profiles

    Technical data

    • Platform height (H): 1,84 m
    • Steps incl. platform: 8
    • Platform size: 80 x 60 cm
    • Height (S): 2,84 m
    • External width (B): 1,16 m
    • Length (L): 2,35 m
    • Rung depth: 200 mm
    • Weight: 45 kg
    • Max. load: 200 kg
    • Approval: EN131-Professional