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Aluminum box is a transport container made of rolled aluminum, which means very low weight in relation to the weight that can be transported and stored safely. Aluminum boxes were developed during World War II as containers for low-altitude drop-offs. The boxes in Aluminum were very suitable for this purpose as they could hold heavy loads without breaking apart.

Alulock aluminum boxes

The transport box manufactured by Alulock is available in many qualities but beware of cheap copy boxes where the suitcases are very often made of old cola cans in a non-correct blend whereby your suitcase is very soft and does not have the strength to store your precious items safely and effectively. We also use Recycled aluminum but max. 30% and we constantly control the strength of our suitcases and box. Our alloy is 6060 which is a relatively soft aluminum this because it is easy to bend and adapt our different boxes into targets. The suitcases and transport cases are subsequently cured in a certain way we have developed so they become strong and flexible like Aluminum 6061.

Suitcase versus Alu box

An Alu box Alu box guarantees you an optimal transport container for safe transportation and storage of everything from paper to canned bags on your trip to Africa. Alulock suitcases and Aluboxe are constantly improving through the information we receive from our customers. We have Aluminum boxes in many standard sizes that can be delivered immediately from our warehouse. A suitcase is often characterized by a nice design, our Aluminum suitcases are a bit duller in this comparison, but because we have priority durability, strength and longevity as the first priotets.

How is an Alu-Box built up?

Our transport boxes and boxes are all rolled up a bit like a "modern caravan", it consists of a sturdy bottom profile which acts as an intervention for the box on which it is stacked. At the top it has 4 stacking corners or a profile all around that can handle the entire box. With the whole profile around, the strength becomes bigger, we call this series of Super Proff series. At least, you're in doubt, please call. The back has 2 or more hinges that the lid flips around, the front is 2 or more closure brackets that can be secured by 6 mm. padlock - or straps in plastic "one-time". The boxes and suitcases are all equipped with spring-loaded handles. We are in softer rubber so you do not get blisters of carrying your box over distances on your trip.

Comparison of aluminium boxes

  • HOBBY: For storage and easier transport tasks
  • PROFF: Stackable - Durable - Daily or hard transport. Large accessory program.
  • SUPER PROFF: Inner silicone seal - Durable and stackable -. Large accessory program.

See the videos of the different types below.

Alubox Hobby

Alubox Proff

Alubox Super Proff

Alubox Wasserdicht IP65

What do I do if we can not find a standard size

If you need a special box in aluminum and can not immediately find it among our many standard sizes, then give us a ring. We have many Alu boxes left over from a special production that you can buy, we do not always upload them. . Should you use more than 25 pcs. Aluminum boxes we can always manufacture, but rain with 60 days production time "2 months" We calculate the price of all sizes of aluminum boxes and issue a fixed price that you as a customer can relate to. If you wish to produce your boxes, we will provide a drawing that you review in relation to the internal dimensions, light dimensions and external dimensions that meet your requirements - Once you have approved our drawing, either production begins for the Aluminum boxes to be used for testing after that actual production of your order.

How powerful is an Alu box from Alulock

Our aluminum cushions and cases are made in typical 1.0 mm. If you have special wishes about waterproof and strength, we have a laboratory where we can make quite specific tests. We can also meet requirements such as IP65 to tightness in relation to the intrusion of liquids. All tests are carefully done and photo documented. We always provide a fixed price for the various tests that are agreed on an individual level.

Why choose an Alulock Transport box or suitcase

You get a 100% recyclable product that has extremely high strength in relation to your own low weight. If your accident is over, you can repair a bump yourself with the tools you have at hand. You can stack many boxes on top of each other without becoming unstable. Aluminum crates from Alulock can withstand from - 75 degrees to + 75 degrees without changing shape and function. We recommend that you use your Aluminum crates to something extraordinarily to provide them with a special foam that ensures the items you store and transport so that they are not exposed to such high temperature fluctuations. We recommend that you contact us and discuss this with our specialists.