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How is a wooden ladder made?

A wooden ladder from Alulock is characterized by the non-slip steps that have a width of 50 mm. ergo step - we manufacture all our wooden ladders at our factory. For our step, we use either ash, oak or beech. A wooden ladder from Alulock is a quality product for reasonable money - preserve the wood by oiling your wooden ladder annually, so you have a ladder for many years. We have a lot of experience with wood products, each month we produce between 3-4000 wooden ladders of different lengths sold throughout the EU. Our machine park for the production of wooden trails is predominantly purchased in Italy as they have very high quality and experience in manufacturing such machines. Steps and traps are tapped together according to the same principle used in the furniture industry. This ensures a very high quality and uniformity.

Difference between Budget and Proff

Budget: massive wood

Super Proff: massive wood, sneakers and oil-treated

Which one is best to choose for a private.

We recommend our Wienerstige Budget series for private - this is a quality woody product we have developed so the price is attractive, we have done this by saving the shoes and we have not oiled stoves and steps. We recommend that if you buy this product, you will immediately give the ladder a general. linseed oil or clear oil, if any. same as you give the wooden table there at home.

Why choose a pro model.

The Wienerstige prof series recommends the craftsman or the semi professional who wishes max. quality in the tools used. This ladder has been developed in cooperation with Flugger and comes with heavyweight (replaceable) rubber footwear that prevents surfaces from scratching - as well as standing on a sturdy and stable surface on all surfaces. It is fitted with straps in the same material as the safety of our cars, this solution is stronger than the chains many other manufacturers use.