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Our selection of extension ladders covers all the tasks you will face when working at heights. If you any help, then we are ready to talk to you in the chat down to the right. Otherwise, you are welcome to send us an email at alulock@alulock.com or call us at 70 22 16 00.

At Alulock we both develop and manufacture a large part of our products. It is either done in our own production or in close cooperation with our suppliers. We only sell our own extension ladders which we have sold for more than 25 years which gives us a thorough knowledge of the product. Therefore, our customer service will be able to help you to find the right solution for your needs.

Which height should I choose? 

The height of your extension ladder depends on what type of tasks you want to perform and at what height. Our selection of extension ladders goes from 4.2 meters to 9.8 meters in ladder length. The advantage of an extension ladder is the flexibility that the extension function gives as it is possible to adjust the length of the ladder.

If you choose to invest in an extension ladder, you should consider to buy it for the maximum working height you will need. This is because the ladder will last for many years and it will not be much more expensive to choose a taller ladder.

An extension ladder is a popular choice both among professionals and private individuals. Among professionals, it is typically craftsmen and painters as they want to have a very flexible solution with them in the car so that they can get reach high places if the need arises. Among private individuals, it is most often used as a good ladder when work is being done on the house.

To find the right height for your extension ladder, you can take a ruler and hold it up to the ceiling. The distance from the stretched arm to the place you need to reach is the same distance needed from the step on the extension ladder you are going to be standing on.  

Extension ladder rules

When you work at heights, it is important that you take the right safety precautions. The product you use should have the right approval in accordance with the Danish Working Environment Service’s recommendations, and you should use the extension ladder in a correct manner in terms of usage and setup These rules for the use of extension ladders are primarily relevant for professionals but is also recommended to be read by private individuals. Here, we have given you an overview of the rules for use of extension ladders, but we recommend to see the Danish Working Environment Service’s website for more thorough information.

Safety and approvals

The most important thing when you are buying a new extension ladder for business or private use is to make sure that the product has the right approvals. The Working Environment Service tests the product for work at heights for the best possible safety, for example. when using extension ladders. In 2018 the European standard for extension ladders was changed. Therefore, the Working Environment Service recommends that extension ladders have the approval EN131. Our extension ladders have this approval which means that you can be sure that your extension ladder is manufactured after the Danish Working Environment Service’s recommendations.

Our extension ladders all have the EN131 approval but it is important if you are also looking at other extension ladders that they have this approval.

Use and setup

Extension ladders must only be used for work of shorter durations and maximum 30 minutes. During a longer period where an extension ladder is used, the overall time during which an extension ladder is used must not exceed a third of the employees daily working hours. When work is being done from an extension ladder, it should be moved according to your needs so that it is never necessary to reach more than one arm's length from the ladder. Moreover, it is important that the employee is wearing the right protective footwear.

Setup of the extension ladder has to be done on a stable surface. It must only be set up on a horizontal and firm surface. Extension ladders should be set up with the right inclination which is recommended to be 75 degrees.

Which material should I choose? 

You can get extension ladders in different materials and it should be chosen according to your particular need. At Alulock we offer the most popular and safe extension ladders. Our selection includes both extension ladders in aluminum and extension ladders in fiberglass. Down below you can read more about what is best for your need.

Extension ladder in aluminum

An extension ladder in aluminum is the most normal extension ladder that you will see on construction sites and in private homes. It is the choice which covers most needs. An extension ladder in aluminum is a durable but lightweight choice.

Extension ladder in fiberglass

An extension ladder in fiberglass is made for electricians and others who work at heights with electricity. The fiberglass makes sure that there is no contact with the ground and therefore cannot get an electrical shock. It is a necessary safety precaution for electricians but cost more and is not necessary if you are not going to be working with electricity.

The difference between a 2-part and 3-part extension ladder

Whether an extension ladder is two-part or three-part is crucial for the flexibility when storing and transporting.

Two-part extension ladder

This extension ladder is divided into two-part. This means that it is 40-45% of the maximum length of the ladder when folded.

Three-part extension ladder

This extension ladder is divided into three parts. This means that it is 50-60% of the maximum length of the ladder when folded. We only have this type of ladder if you choose a fiberglass ladder.

Advantages and disadvantages of extension ladders

The reason for choosing an extension ladder is primarily the flexibility which they offer in being able to adjust the ladder to the exact needed height. In addition to this, it is, of course, also an advantage that the extension ladder can be easily transported as they can be made about 40-60% smaller when they are folded. Working heights up to 9.8 meters can be achieved, and for this reason, it is an economical choice in relation to the possible working height. The ladder can be difficult to handle when it gets so long.

Advantages of choosing an extension ladder

  • Can be adjusted and customized to exactly the height you need
  • Easy to use
  • Economical choice in relation to the working height
  • Good to transport because of the extension function
  • Can extend to 9.8 meters

Disadvantages of choosing an extension ladder

  • The tall models can be difficult to handle
  • It can only be used as a normal ladder and cannot be customized as a combination ladder.