Telescopic ladder
Telescopic ladder 3,8 m. 13 rungs Telescopic ladder 3,8 m. 13 rungs
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Telescoping ladder from Alulock

We have chosen the best telescoping ladder. If you need any help, then we are ready to talk to you down in the chat to the right. Otherwise, you are welcome to send an email to us at or call us at 70 22 16 00  

Why should you choose a telescoping ladder? 

Of course, there are both advantages and disadvantages when it comes to buying a telescoping ladder. One of the primary advantages of reasons for choosing a telescoping ladder is its compact nature. It is easy to transport and store which can be very valuable if you often transport your ladders and lack space. When choosing between a single ladder and a telescoping ladder you should consider that the price is significantly higher for the same working height when buying a telescoping ladder. The reason for the price is because there are more parts that are necessary for manufacturing and that it is more complex to manufacture. In addition to this, the different pieces make it more sensitive to knocks which means that it can break more easily. Below, we have outlined the three advantages and disadvantages of telescoping ladders so you can make the best possible decision.

3 advantages of a telescoping ladder

  • Ultra-compact - the telescoping ladder is ideal for transport and does not take up much space when folded.
  • Locks automatically – Our telescoping ladder is made to lock automatically when it is pulled out. This makes it incredibly easy to use.
  • Anti-filth treated – This treatment makes it easy to clean and maintain.

3 disadvantages of a telescoping ladder

  • Durability – When a ladder is built in a more complex manner, as in the case of a telescoping ladder, some challenges might emerge. A telescoping ladder is more prone to knocks than a single ladder in aluminum that meets the same need.
  • The price – Because of the smarter solution, it is also more expensive to manufacture. This means that it will cost significantly more than a single ladder in aluminum which can get to the same height.
  • Height - The telescopic function means that it has a limit on how tall it can be built and still remain stable. Our telescoping ladder can only be built up when there is a working height of 3.8 meters which is the standard for this type of ladder.

Alternatives to the telescoping ladder

There are a number of alternatives that can be used instead of the telescoping ladder. However, there is one particular type of ladder that we would recommend as an alternative to the telescoping ladder. Single ladders can reach the same heights as the telescoping ladder and cost 20-40% less depending on which height you typically use the ladder at. Moreover, the single ladder in aluminum is more durable and can resist harder knocks as it is not made up of as many parts as the telescoping ladder.

If the reason for buying a telescoping ladder is because of its portability and its ability to be folded, there are no alternatives that can match it.


There are many who manufacture and sell telescoping ladders. The most important thing when you are looking at different telescoping ladders it to see if they have the right approval and if the locking mechanism works properly. We have chosen our telescoping ladder assuming that it should both be economically accessible but at the same time not compromise on quality. Our ladder is easy to use and has a smart automatic locking function.

When you use a telescoping ladder, you should be aware that it is a bit more sensitive than a single ladder made of aluminum. The reason that it can break more easily in case of hard knocks is the construction of the ladder which is more technical than for the more traditional single ladders on the market. When you use this type of ladder, you should make sure that it is kept relatively clean.

Safety and approvals

The most important thing when you are buying a new extension ladder for business or private use is to make sure that the product has the right approvals. The Danish Working Environment Service continuously makes sure to test and expand their knowledge to provide the highest possible security, for example, when using portable ladders. In 2018 the European standard for loose, portable ladders was changed. Therefore, Working Environment Service recommends that telescoping ladders have the approval EN131. Our telescoping ladders have this approval which means that you can be sure that your telescoping ladder is manufactured after the Danish Working Environment Service’s recommendations.

If you are unsure of how to best set up and use your telescoping ladder, simply call our customer service for optimal safety. These ladders can be more complex, including telescoping ladders and extension ladders that can be difficult to use. Therefore, it is important that you make inquiries to ensure you are treating and handling them properly.

Aluminum telescoping ladder

At Alulock we have chosen to offer an aluminum telescoping ladder as it was the best quality that could be found on the market. An aluminum construction ensures a solution that is both light and durable. Material is incredibly important when choosing a ladder and at Alulock we have chosen primarily to manufacture our products in aluminum for the same reason. Our telescoping ladder can extend to a working height of 4 meters. There has primarily been used aluminum for the construction while the collections have been manufactured in hard plastic.