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Products adapted to the assignment. Contact us for advice and guidance.

Here are examples of specialty products that Alulock has developed over time.

Special solutions tailored to your needs

Alulock has delivered special stairs, platforms, boxes, Aluminum box, ladders and lifts for a lot of different customers for the past 20 years, even for all of you. The desire of our customers has been that you wanted a solution that they could not immediately find standard.

How do we work with special solutions

Depending on the size and the complexity of a loose one, we either meet at the place where it is agreed how to proceed with a solution. Sometimes we share the actual planning and construction phase of a project for which we are settled, after which we deliver a finished project as our customer can choose to ask for offers from several subcontractors and choose the best price. Other times, we provide a "Technical" offer with a description often with a estimation price we guarantee +/- 15% - where the actual drawing and construction work only starts when this offer is accepted by the Customer - this is also the actual execution of the construction recognized.

Who are our customers?

We work for some of Denmark's largest industry companies and solve ongoing tasks for you. Some are very big tasks. Others are smaller. We also work with the public and relief organizations. If you would like to speak with a lot of our former and current customers before choosing us as your supplier, write a short email to us, then we will contact you with some of our early and current customers, and you can ask directly how we were to solve the task we performed for you.

It takes a lot of money

Special tasks cost more to solve than a standard shelf product - but maybe it will allow you to overtake your competitors afterwards. One is probably doing a detailed battle plan containing a budget too split up for our part so we can all see what it costs. We agree to "Share" and openness.