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passenger lift

At Alulock we offer two types of lifts for passenger lifts. We have our Alulift and our UpLift5, which can be used instead of a scaffold or ladder if you have many "small" tasks during the working day.

With a passenger lift, you will be able to adjust the platform height electrically. This has many advantages in terms of both safety and work efficiency. All our lifts are fitted with integrated rails and baskets, which are secure against severe falls.

Our Alulifte is built in lightweight aluminum and divided into modules, which means that it is simple and easy to transport between tasks. It provides the same flexibility and options for setup as the traditional scaffolds, but they can be set up much faster by just one man.

Our Uplift5 is a mobile passenger helmet and with only 90 kg, it's easy to transport to the task and move around with the task. When the elevator rises, all the wheels are automatically locked both to roll and to turn. The lift can be operated by a single employee and is built in small exterior dimensions so that it can penetrate all doorways. Therefore, Uplift5 is very handy to handle a lot of smaller tasks throughout the day.


With us you can also rent a lift

If you do not need a lift in our daily work, we also rent them at a fixed daily rate. You can find the rental price under the selected lift. If in doubt, please contact us and tell about your needs and budget so we can find the best lift for your tasks.


Our Alulift passenger hoist is an easy and easy lift to set up and use. A single man can both set and drop this lift, and is therefore good for smaller tasks that do not require more than one single worker. The platform is powered by a 24V battery and can run up as the height is built up. The alulifter is made of aluminum and divided into modules, making setup and transportation easy.

Click here to see how our Alulift is set up and recorded on video:


We have our Alulift with three different platform sizes available in working heights from 2 meters to 14 meters. Click on the desired platform size and find the working height you need.

Small: 66 cm x 172 cm

Medium: 66 cm x 240 cm

Extra Large: 110 cm x 240 cm



Where can I use an Alulift?

Our Alulift is built and works in the same way as our lightweight traditional aluminum scaffolding. They are built in aluminum tubes in Ø 50 and divided into modules. This means that our Alulift passenger lift is as easy and mobile as a traditional scaffolding. You can easily set it up in a backyard or carry the modules into a building where it should be assembled and set up. This can only be done since all components and modules are made of aluminum and are therefore easy to carry.

Alulift is approved by the EN280 as a passenger hoist, but even if you get all the same benefits as at a wheelchair, it does not require staff training to either set or drop.

You can therefore use our Alulift all the places where you also normally use a scaffolding scaffold. The same approvals regarding strength and maximum load are required, so both Alulifte and scaffolding have been through the same tests and have received the same approvals.


Alulift or traditional scaffold?

A clever alternative to the traditional aluminum wheelchairs is our Alulift.

Using our Alulift allows you to easily and easily build and lift lifts without any hassles. This is done safely by building it from the electric platform that can be adjusted in height as required and powered by a 24 volt battery.
At the traditional wheelchairs, 2 people need to move the platform and make the entire scaffold more complicated than by lift. Using our lifts, so you save a lot of time by quickly setting up and decreasing each time it needs to be used.

Klik her og se video af vores Alulift vs. Stillads konkurrer på tid




This is the world's lightest 5-meter passenger lift and weighs only 90 kg. Our Uplift5 is a narrow lift that can be moved and operated by a single employee. The stability is ensured by a new technique with 2 sliding rails on the sides, which works with a gas damper and an actuator. This means that there is no hydraulic and therefore no oil splitting that would stop the lift function and mean that the lift is light and safer than the traditional oil-based hydraulic systems. This lifting system was developed by Lockhard, which also has patented protection system.

The system is designed so that the wheels lock automatically when the elevator rises. It is a unique braking system that automatically blocks both rolling and turning of all four wheels at the same time. Therefore, the user should not think of anything other than placing the elevator where they should work and drive up.

Click here and download the Uplift5 user guide and read how the system works

In order to make the lift easier to transport, two extra wheels can be fitted, which can be mounted on the rear and allows the lift to be moved without lifting more than 15 kg.

Uplift5 is EN280 approved and has a maximum load of 120 kg. / 1 person + materials, but with heavy duty wheels, the maximum load can be increased to 200 kg.

Click here and read more about the technical data and possibilities with our Uplift5


Where can I use Uplift5?

Uplift5 is designed and designed to easily be used as a standard aluminum platform or as a traditional ladder. Uplift5 therefore has the same entire aluminum platform as normal platforms.

It is a fashion series of passenger hoists, which are very lightweight and have small exterior dimensions, so the elevator can come through the smallest doorways and easily lifted over a doorstep. Uplift5 can therefore be used all the same places as narrow platforms and rises without difficulty.

At most jobs, management acknowledges that a fall from height is very serious, and therefore they do much to prevent and avoid the dangerous falls. There are therefore specially developed platforms and rails with rails, but there is still a high risk of falling as the employee still has to climb or go up and down.

Using a Uplift5, the risk of falling decreases significantly, as it is only a single step, after which the lift is ready for the rest.

Click here to see how easy Uplift5 is to use




Scaffolding must be tested according to EN1004 approval and therefore requires a trained scaffolding worker to both set up and take down a scaffolding. The same applies to our Alulifte and therefore requires a course in setup, stability and dismantling. However, this course only lasts 1 day and we offer you to come to you in the company or at the building site and provide you with the necessary course and diploma for participation. Training is not required to use and work on the platform when the scaffolding is set.

Click here and read more about our security courses

By using our personal lift, Uplift5, no training or driving license is required, as the authorities see these lifts as a far more secure technical aid to get to the top. This means that the users of the lift do not have to take any course or training to start working on the lift.

Although there are no special requirements for setting up and operating our lifts, we recommend that you thoroughly review the user manual and safety manual for your lift

safety Approvals

All lightweight aluminum scaffolding and facade scaffolding are tested in maximum load, strength, safety, etc. Subsequently, the UNI / EN1004 is approved and is therefore ready for use.

Since our Alulift is built and developed in the same way as the traditional scaffolds, in the same material, dimensions and modules. Therefore, the same requirements are made according to tests and safety approvals. All our Alulifts are therefore naturally shown UNI / EN1004 approved, as well as approved and certified EN208, 73/23 / EWG - 93/68 / EWG.

Uplift5 is EN280 approved and tested in maximum load, weight and safety. It is also tested in the ability to disconnect power if emergency stop should fail, risk of short circuit of the system.

Both lifts are tested in work tasks and situations, for example in the EN280 approval. power cord at short circuit if the elevator is to be used by an electrician.

These approvals help to ensure you as a customer and use that the lift is built and developed in quality materials with a focus on safety and functionality. It also ensures that both our Alulift and Uplift5 comply with all regulatory and regulatory requirements from government and labor inspectorate.


Safety by working with passenger hoists

The authorities and the labor inspectorate designate all our lifts as technical aids. Therefore, it does not require any training or a single day's course to operate and use our lifts. Therefore, safety must still be top, and our passenger hoist is safer to use than ordinary scaffolding and rising.

The best advice we can give in order to increase the safety of working on our lifts is to read the manual and learn the lift as much as possible before use. In the manuals there are instructions on the base, emergency stop, overweight and setting of counterbalance blocks, if necessary.

You can download all manuals right here - there is also picture view.

Alulift S

Alulift M

Alulift XL



At Alulock, we definitely have a personal lift that suits your needs and budget.

Contact us today and tell us about your daily tasks so that we can find the best solution for you!

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