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Click on the desired platform size, then select the platform height.

All platform sizes have platform heights from 1.40 to 5.6 meters,
ie working heights from 3.4 to 7.6 meters.
Why choose a folding scaffolding.
It's easy to transport and set up and an economical way to get safe up to work. We recommend aluminum folding scaffolding for use inside doors with the 125 mm. wheels as standard are mounted.
Special considerations
The cheaper types on the market are often equipped with very bad wheels - it's not a good place to save money. Alulock folding scaffolding is all equipped with quality wheels manufactured in the EU, which means they have been tested for maximum strength. Alulock folding ladder is fitted with 125 mm. wheel with PU on the outside, ensuring a very stable and non-slip antifouling to the substrate. One side gain is that the wheel runs very silently - you will appreciate it.
Hobby Scaffolding
Building markets and online here are many "hobby scaffolding" it's a waste of money investing in them. Typically, there is an extra wide ladder that can be laid on a platform. Many of this type of hobby scaffolding come from China, and are of very low quality and aluminum.
How do I know a good safe folding point?
They are made in round tubes ø 50 mm. There are welded steps for every 25-28 cm in bed sides, here the platform can be placed on all steps, optional. The platform is made of waterproof plywood that is non-slip on one side and smooth on the other. You can know the plywood on its dark color. The platform for folding the scaffold has a doorway with a strap so it does not open too much, and a lock that keeps it closed when standing on it. The wheels are equipped with a printed manufacturer name and a max. load. Scaffolding in the size 1.8x0.75 meter can withstand a load of 200 kg. The entire scaffolding is with a manufacturer's name as well as shows. The standard UNI1004 typically will write scaffold grade 3 - the manufacturer has a proper user manual that warns how it is used correctly.