Heavy Duty wheels.

The lightest personal lift in the world

The Uplift5 is the lightest personal lift in the world with a weight of just 90 kg excluding the four ballast weights. The Uplift5 gets it’s stability from the four ballast weights which can be dismounted for easier transportation. They ensure stability and safety when in use. 

The Uplift5 requires a minimum amount of maintenance due to the simple design, that consists of an actuator instead of the traditional hydraulic parts. This equals to no possibility for problems caused by wasted oil. The battery powered platform can be adjusted in all heights up to 3 meters, which gives a working height of 5 meters.

The compact size and weight makes it useable indoors, where space is often limited. The transportation can be done in a normal station wagon due to the compact design. The Uplift5 has a battery capacity of 2-3 whole working days, and is charged just by plugging it into a power outlet - then it’s ready for the next day.

Suitable for:

  • A lot of different small tasks
  • Places with limited space
  • One man work, that requires a flexible solution
  • A transport friendly solution


  • The lightest personal portable lift in the world
  • Ballast weights for stability and safety
  • No hydraulic parts - requires a minimum of maintenance
  • Working heights of up to 5 meters
  • Can be used both inside and outside
  • Can be transported in a normal station wagon
  • Rechargeable using a normal power outlet

Why you should lease your Uplift5

By leasing the Uplift5 you only have to worry about your work. With leasing there are no unforeseen expenses, as it is all included in the price. For you that means:

  • Uplift5 provided for your work
  • Yearly inspection
    • All lifts need a yearly inspection due to legislation. With leasing that’s included so we will take a care of it. 
  • 48 hours guarantee
    • If your Uplift5 stops working we will change it to a new one within 48 hours. 
  • No worrying about damaged equipment
    • If a part needs changing, we take care of it so you can focus on your work. 


Technical specifications:

Weight: 90/150 kg (with/without ballast weights)

Max load: 120 kg (1 person + materials)

Max platform height: 3 meters

Max working height: 5 meters

Dimensions: 110 x 68 x 190 cm

Operations: 12 V built-built in battery and charger

EN280 + CE approval

EUR 5,395.00 / PCS excl. VAT
Price incl. VAT EUR 5,395.00
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Free freight for purchases over:
EUR 500.00 excl. VAT

Expected time of delivery: 3-5 days


If you have questions or need assistance, you are welcome to contact customer service

+45 70 22 16 00

1 sæt stabilisator til Uplift5 (UPSTAB2)
1 sæt stabilisator til Uplift5
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1 stk.stabilisator til Uplift5 (UPSTAB)
1 stk.stabilisator til Uplift5
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