Suitable for

  • You, who need a comfortable access way to your scaffolding
  • You, who need be able to have tools and materials up to your workplace


The stair tower is built separately in addition to your scaffolding. By equipping the stair tower, you have an extra access way to be able to bring tools and materials with you.

The stair tower can be selected with frames in steel or aluminum, and the platform in alu-plywood or aluminum. The stair tower can be adjusted 60 cm in height using the adjustable footplates, which enables work at level differences as well as adaptation to your existing scaffolding.

The stair tower is extremely useful for you who have larger tasks where several men work, as you can access each platform level faster. The stair has a low slope of 45°, which makes it comfortable to go up and down.


  • Built separately in addition to your scaffolding
  • Enables easy access for each platform level
  • Higher comfort and work environment during your work
  • Low stair slope of 45°


  • Inner railing
    • The inner railing is mounted on the stairs towards the scaffolding and acts as an extra safety and support when the stairs are used.
Delivery with the following components
4 stk. Scaffold frame top 1,00 x 0,73 m aluminium
1 stk. Scaffold frame L 1,00 x 0,73 m aluminium
2 stk. Handrail end 0,73 m steel
14 stk. Handrail 3,07 m aluminium
3 stk. Diagonal brace 3,07 m steel
8 stk. Wallanchor 0,4 m
7 stk. Platform 3,07 x 0,64 m Aluminium
3 stk. platform with ladder 3,07 x 0,64 m aluminium
10 stk. Adjustable foot plate 0,6 m
8 stk. Coupling fixed
26 stk. Lock pin for scaffold frame
6 stk. Toe board end 0,73 m
10 stk. Toe board 3,07 m
8 stk. Eyebolt Ø12 0,09 m
EUR 2,750.00 / PCS incl. VAT
Price Ex. VAT EUR 2,200.00
in stock

Aluminium item no. FST8-APA Aluplywood

Aluminium item no. FST8-AAA Aluminium

Steel item no. FST8-SPS Aluplywood

Steel item no. FST8-SAS Aluminium


Levering pr DHL ( EUR   68.75 incl. VAT)

Free freight for purchases over:
EUR 625.00 incl. VAT

Expected time of delivery: 3-5 days


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+45 70 22 16 00

3 x Handrail internal for stair 3,07 m alu (HSI307A-3)
3 x Handrail internal for stair 3,07 m alu
EUR 300.00
/ PCS incl. VAT
Price Ex. VAT EUR 240.00
in stock