Suitable for

  • You who need a scaffold for chimney work
  • Applications on roof constructions


Alulock 75 x 245 cm chimney scaffold is a long and compact scaffold, that gives you quick access to the height. The scaffold is suitable for you who need a sturdy chimney scaffold, that can be assembled with ease and transported.

The platform has an auto-lock system, which means that it automatically locks. All parts are colour-coded, making it intuitive to assemble.

The patented Alulock system makes it safe to assemble/disassemble, as horizontals and diagonals open at both ends simultaneously. The scaffolding is made of aluminium with fully welded frames for every 28 cm and press-fit technology for extra strength and durability.

The scaffold has been tested by the recognized RISE institute in Sweden and approved as class 3, which means that it can be loaded with max. 200 kg per m/2.

The scaffold is delivered incl. ladders and fittings as shown in the photo. The working height can be extended to 4 meters. Read more under accessories.


  • Easily moved by the swivel castors
  • Disassembles into many small parts
  • Colour-coded parts make it intuitive to assemble
  • Patented alulock system, where diagonals and horizontals open at both ends simultaneously
  • Fully welded frames every 28 cm and press-fit joints for extra strength
  • Non-slip steps and platform


  • Toe boards
    • A complete set of toe boards for this scaffolding. These must be used when the platform height exceeds 2 meters.
  • 2-meter extension
    • The platform height is increased by 2 meters, making the working height 4 meters.

Technical data

  • working height: 2 m
  • Platform size: 59 x 241 cm
  • Scaffold external dimensions: 73 x 259 cm
  • Ladder length: 6 m
  • load 200 kg per m/2 (Class 3)
  • Total Weight: 86 kg
  • Approval: SS-EN/UNI 1004 + AFS 1990:12
Delivery with the following components
2 stk. Single aluminium ladder 6 m. 21 Steps
2 stk. Single aluminium ladder 5 m. 17 Steps
2 stk. Sprosseforbindelse
2 stk. Spændeforbindelse sikring af stigerne
4 stk. Træunderlag
2 stk. Ophængskonsol for platform indstillige
1 stk. 100% Aluminum Platform without door 245 cm.
2 stk. Guardrail short side 75 x 100 cm.
1 stk. Guardrail long side 245 cm.
EUR 3,300.00 / PCS incl. VAT
Price Ex. VAT EUR 2,640.00
in stock

Levering pr DHL ( EUR   68.75 incl. VAT)

Free freight for purchases over:
EUR 625.00 incl. VAT

Expected time of delivery: 3-5 days


If you have questions or need assistance, you are welcome to contact customer service

+45 70 22 16 00

Toeboard set 75 x 245 cm. (75245F)
Toeboard set 75 x 245 cm.
EUR 125.00
/ PCS incl. VAT
Price Ex. VAT EUR 100.00
in stock
2 meter extension, 75 x 245 cm. (752452)
2 meter extension, 75 x 245 cm.
EUR 550.00
/ PCS incl. VAT
Price Ex. VAT EUR 440.00
in stock