Height to platform: 1.84 m.
This type of platform is well-suited for assembly work in many different forms of industry. 
Produced with stair access to the platform. Rungs and platform have anti-slip surface.  
The platform is movable - mounted with Ø125 mm wheels. Platform size: 80 x 60 cm. 
Rung spacing: 230mm. Rung depth: 200 mm. Max. load: 200 kg. Approval: EN131

Platform height: 1.84 m.
No. steps: 8
Total height (S): 2.84 m.
External width (B): 1.16 m.
Length (L): 3.06 m.
Weight: 55 kg.
Working height 3,84 m.
Material Aluminium
Ladder length 2,84 m.
Rung 8
Type Arbejdsplatforme
Weight 55 kg.
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Mobile platform 8 steps (MPE8)
Height to platform: 1.84 m.
Mobile platform 8 steps
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/ PCS excl. VAT
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