Suitable for

  • Facade work
  • Construction projects, renovation and industry


Alulock frame scaffolding has the advantage, that it is developed from the perspective of a flexible scaffolding system that can be used in many different respects.

The scaffold can be selected with frames in steel or aluminium, and platforms in alu-plywood or aluminium. The scaffold can be adjusted 60 cm in height using the adjustable footplates, which enables work at level differences.

The scaffolding is manufactured on a fully automatic production line with 3 independent quality controls to ensure the quality according to EN1090-1: 2009. The scaffolding has been tested and approved by the recognized RISE institute in Sweden as scaffolding class 3, which means that it can be loaded with 200 kg / m².

The scaffolding is compatible with several different scaffolding systems. Read which under the technical data section down below.


  • Flexible scaffolding system, that can be used for many different tasks
  • Hot-dip galvanized surface treatment against corrosion
  • Built from individual parts
  • Fixed where the work is to be carried out
  • Fully welded frames and press-fit joints for extra strength
  • Quality tested by RISE in Sweden and TÜV Nord, which is valid throughout Europe


  • Staircase tower
    • With a staircase tower, you have a functional access way. The stair tower is built separately in addition to the scaffolding. The stair tower is available with frames in both steel and aluminum. See more here.
  • Scaffolding trailer
    • The scaffold trailer makes it easy for you to transport your scaffold around. See more about the trailer here.

Technical data

  • Working height: 10,0 – 10,6 m (Adjustable 60 cm)
  • Platform height: 8,0 – 8,6 m (Adjustable 60 cm)
  • Scaffold length: 12,28 m
  • Work area: 120 m²
  • Platform size: 3,07 x 0,62 m
  • Scaffold external dimensions: 12,64 x 0,79 m
  • Max load: 200 kg/m² (Scaffolding class 3)
  • Total weight
    • Steel, aluplywood: 1.264 kg
    • Alu, Aluplywood: 986 kg
    • Steel, Alu: 1.200 kg
    • Alu, Alu: 922 kg
  • Compatible with: Layher (speedyScaf), Altrad (Mostostal plus), Baumann
  • Approvals: SS-EN 12810-1 + AFS 2013:4
  • Manufacturing approvals: EN 1090-1:2009 + A1:2011
Delivery with the following components
20 stk. Scaffold frame 2,00 x 0,73 m steel
2 stk. Scaffold frame top 1,00 x 0,73 m steel
3 stk. Scaffold frame L 1,00 x 0,73 m steel
6 stk. Handrail end 0,73 m steel
36 stk. Handrail 3,07 m steel
4 stk. Diagonal brace 3,07 m steel
10 stk. Wallanchor 0,4 m
12 stk. Platform 3,07 x 0,64 m aluplywood
4 stk. platform with ladder 3,07 x 0,64 m aluplywood
10 stk. Adjustable foot plate 0,6 m
10 stk. Coupling fixed
40 stk. Lock pin for scaffold frame
8 stk. Toe board end 0,73 m
16 stk. Toe board 3,07 m
10 stk. Eyebolt Ø12 0,09 m
EUR 7,350.00 / PCS incl. VAT
Price Ex. VAT EUR 5,880.00
in stock

Aluminium item no. FS12X10-APA Aluplywood

Aluminium item no. FS12X10-AAA Aluminium

Steel item no. FS12X10-SPS Aluplywood

Steel item no. FS12X10-SAS Aluminium

Add ons
Staircase tower 10 m Staircase tower 10 m EUR 3,450.00
Scaffolding trailer 1.300 kg Scaffolding trailer 1.300 kg EUR 3,725.00

Levering pr DHL ( EUR   68.75 incl. VAT)

Free freight for purchases over:
EUR 625.00 incl. VAT

Expected time of delivery: 3-5 days


If you have questions or need assistance, you are welcome to contact customer service

+45 70 22 16 00

Staircase tower 10 m (FST10-SPS)
Staircase tower 10 m
EUR 3,450.00
/ PCS incl. VAT
Price Ex. VAT EUR 2,760.00
Scaffolding trailer 1.300 kg (ST1300)
Scaffolding trailer 1.300 kg
EUR 3,725.00
/ PCS incl. VAT
Price Ex. VAT EUR 2,980.00
in stock