4 wheels for alubox
Itemnumber: P754
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  • Alulock IP65 Alubox

    IP65 aluminium boxes from Alulock are made from 100% aluminium. This aluminium box is IP65 rated, meaning that it is dust-proof and waterproof. The aluminium box is fitted with sealing strips all across the lid.

    With an IP65 aluminium boxes, you have a secure and lightweight box for transporting various items. All our aluminium boxes are stackable, which makes them easy to transport, as they fit on top of each other.

    The patented locking system allows you to be certain that your aluminium box will not open unexpectedly. It is easily closed with the two fittings. All the joints are riveted, making them extra strong and durable.

    The box is UN4B certified, and we can develop an individual certification where needed.

    The ergonomic handles make them comfortable to carry even for longer periods of time. If you order by 14:00, we will send your order the same day. Expect a 1-2-day delivery time.

    Suited for:

    • Transport of goods
    • Storage
    • Toolbox
    • Heavy duty


    • IP65 certified
    • UN4B certified
    • 100% Aluminium
    • 1.5 mm. Thickness
    • Patented locking system
    • Stackable
    • Ergonomic handles


    • Compartment
      • With a compartment, you can divide your aluminium box into smaller compartments, in case you have items that should be separated
    • Foam
      • Your aluminium will be lined with foam, so that if you have items that may easily be broken, or that must not be scratched, or if you simply wish to add foam, you can add this.
    • Material tray
      • With a material tray, you have an extra pocked for your small items. This can be installed and removed easily.
    • Wheels
      • 2 lockable and 2 non-lockable wheels, easily clicked onto the bottom of your aluminium box. You do not need any tools to attach or remove them.
    • Casing
      • We have developed a casing that ensures that the lid will not spring open.

    Our aluminium boxes can be delivered with either 75 mm (max. load 100 kg) or 125 mm. (max load 200 kg). We can provide heavy duty wheels with polyurethane surfaces in “hardness 95”, ensuring a light, smooth and noise-free roll on uneven surfaces.