Double trestle ladder 4 x 8 steps Height 3,92 m
Itemnumber: T25008
EUR 1,550.00 / STK
EUR 1,240.00 ex. VAT
4 x 8 rungs. Height: 3.92 meters

More information

  • Suitable for

    • You who need a versatile ladder
    • You who have to work on stairs or places with level difference


    The multifunction ladder is the perfect solution for you who need a versatile solution that can be used for many types of tasks. The multi-ladder can be adjusted on each side, making it usable on stairs and places with a level difference.

    The multi-ladder can be used as both a single ladder or trestle ladder, which is easily adjusted with the integrated extension. The ladder can also easily be folded, so that it does not take up much space when stored or transported.

    All rungs are surface treated and non-slip. The ladder is fitted with non-slip ladder shoes, which makes it stand firm and secure on the ground.


    • Can be used on stairs
    • Can be used as both a single and trestle ladder
    • Adjustable to different working heights
    • Non-slip ladder shoes
    • Non-slip rungs
    • Stabilizer on both ends for extra stability

    Technical data

    • Height: 3,92 m
    • Length: 2,52 m
    • Stabilizer width: 1,10 m
    • Steps: 4 x 8
    • Weight: 22 kg
    • load: 150 kg
    • Approval: EN131-Professional