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Alulift winner of Innovation Award "Requirements 2014"
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- Height adjustment of electric plate
- Handrails - For construction of all heights
- Simple and easy transport of all goods

Choose between renting or buying an Alulift or scaffolding

Alulift or scaffolding
The Alulift is a smart alternative to a traditional aluminium scaffolding because you can build your Alulift effortlessly and get to the exact height you need as the electric platform is adjustable in height. The operation is easy and uses a built-in battery (24 volt). A conventional scaffolding is difficult to build, and if the scaffold is to be adjusted a little height, 2 people are required to move the platform.

Scaffoldings must be tested according to the standard EN1004 requirement that the staff is trained (a one-day course), after which lightweight aluminium scaffolds can be used. The use of elevators, also referred to as "lifts", requires no training because the authorities unlike conventional rolling scaffolding, facade scaffolding or aluminum scaffolding sees passenger lfits, as very secure technical assistance and therfore doesn't require the user to have an education.

Tests and approvals
The alulifts are tested for the same rules as lightweight aluminum roller scaffolding called UNI1004 as well as the European standard EN280 lift certification. With a standard aluminum scaffold, you get a solution that does not cost much, but takes a lot of time. An Alulift saves you time every time you use it.