qty. 4 adjustable wheel, ø 200 mm.

Specially developed wheel ø 200 mm with spindle, such that the scaffolding can
be adjusted by up to 20 cm during levelling. Inside nylon for high strength -
outside special rubber coating that ensures that the scaffolding has a large braking effect when
the scaffolding is placed at the workplace.
During moving, there surface of the wheel is secured so that the wheel does not rub off on the substrate.

The noise from the scaffolding is reduced by up to as much as 75% of traditional scaffolding wheels.
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4 stk. Adjustable wheel Diameter: 200 mm.
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4 pcs. adjustable baseplates (AF4)
4 pcs. adjustable baseplates
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4 pcs. wheels ø 125 mm (W1254)
Internal use
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