Maintenance platform for truck
Itemnumber: APS-2
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Maintenance platform for truck

More information
  • Client: Uppsala Karosseri AB


    • Scaffold / platform for truck maintenance
    • Easy access to platform level
    • Platform must go around the sides and be found over the front of the truck


    Scaffold platform for truck. The scaffold is built around the truck so that it can be serviced. The platform is accessed using a ladder. This makes access more comfortable and you avoid having to climb up the scaffolding.

    The scaffolding is equipped with Ø200 mm adjustable wheels, so that it can be set up outside and fine-tuned in height for the truck it is used on.

    The scaffolding is built of standard parts and can thus be easily configured in both length, height and width if this is needed in the future.


    • Ladder access to the platform
    • The platform / scaffolding is built up of individual parts
    • Can be built longer, higher or lower
    • Mounted with wheels for easy movement

    Technical data

    • Platform height: 3.2 m