Maintenance platform for bus
Itemnumber: APS-8
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Maintenance platform for bus

More information
  • Client: Unibuss AS


    • Platform for maintenance on the roof of the bus
    • Platform must be adjustable in height
    • Handrail all around the platform
    • Staircase access for platform level


    Platform for maintenance of electric buses. The platform can be adjusted in height to suit the bus on which service is to be performed. The platform is equipped with wheels, so that it can be pushed around to the various workshops.

    The platform is equipped with a height-adjustable staircase with wheels, which ensures safe access to the platform level. The stairs are automatically adjusted to the platform height, so that the steps are always horizontal.

    Handrails can be folded out to service the bus fully surrounded by handrails without a chance of falling. In addition, the platform is mounted with "legs" which can be pushed all the way to the bus and there is thus no space between bus and platform at the transition.


    • The platform can be adjusted in height
    • Height-adjustable staircase which automatically adjusts to the platform height
    • Equipped with wheels
    • Handrails can be folded out to cover the entire workplace

    Technical data

    • Platform height: 3,300 - 3,800 mm (adjustable)
    • Platform size: 1,100 x 4,000 mm